Safety Programs  
Child Safety Seat Program

If you would like your child safety seat inspected or have questions about installation, call 513-831-7777 or email to set up an appointment.  Please be sure to leave your name, number, and when you would like to schedule an appointment.

Community CPR/First Aid Program

MCFD offers CPR and first aid classes to members of the community, including non-profit clubs and organizations.  For more information or to schedule a class please call 513-831-7777


The Rescue Disc is designed as a life saving tool in a water environment. It is a substitute for other life saving devices such as the large difficult to throw white ring with heavy rope attached often seen on boats and ships. It can be used from land or a boat or dock.

The Rescue Disc is easy to transport and can be easily stored in a convenient place in your boat or on your dock. Our Police and Rescue vehicles carry a Rescue Disc.  It is an essential life saving tool that should be included in everyone’s rescue and safety equipment inventory. 

If you would like to purchase a Res Q Disc they can be purchased at our station located at 687 B US 50.  If you have any questions feel free to contact us at 513-831-7777.


Gun Lock Program

This program is for residents to come in to our station and pick up gun locks for your guns.  Please DO NOT BRING YOUR GUN WITH YOU, we will give up to 2 gunlocks free and $2 for each additional lock needed.  Call 513-831-7777 for more information.

Project ChildSafe

Senior Home Safety Inspections

MCFD works with Clermont Senior Services to offer
assistance with senior home inspections.  The program helps seniors identify safety hazards within the home.  Click here to view the checklist used for these inspections.  To set up a home inspection please call 513-831-7777.

Senior Safety


Knox Box Rapid Entry System

The KNOX-BOX® is one component of a secure, rapid entry program specifically developed for fire departments to give them the capability to gain damage-free, emergency access to commercial and residential properties.  Purchased and installed by the property owner, each KNOX-BOX® or other rapid-entry component is keyed to a single master key controlled by the Milford Community Fire Department. 

With the Knox Rapid Entry System, there is no delay waiting for a property owner or key holder to unlock a door in the middle of the night.  The Knox Rapid Entry System reduces response time and property damage.  In fact, the Ohio Fire Code requires commercial and many residential occupancies to have a KNOX-BOX® and insure that proper keys are readily available in it at all times. 

The department does NOT sell any component of the Knox Rapid Entry System NOR does it receive revenue from the sale of Knox Company products.  The Knox Company is a third-party vendor chosen by the department because of its high-quality, competitively-priced products that provide standardization across the city.  Your purchase will be made directly with The Knox Company. 

The fire department will work with the property owner to select the proper size KNOX-BOX® or other rapid-entry component and mounting location.  Before ordering and installing please call the department at 513-831-7777.  You can also learn more about the Knox Rapid Entry System by visiting