Firefighters' Club

The Milford Community Firefighters' Club is an organization made up of all of the members of the department.  The Club's mission and function is to support the Fire Department through fundraising.  The money raised is used to help pay for public education materials, public events and demonstrations, uniform materials and parkas, and to supplement other items that are used in support of the Fire Department.

Thank you to Lykins Companies and Donohoo, Cupp, & Associates for your recent donations to the Firefighters' Club.

Golf Cart

In 2012 the Milford Jaycees donated funding to purchase a golf cart, for use at parades and other public events.  Supplemented with funding from the Club and Department, MCFD outfitted this vehicle with warning equipment, EMS first response equipment, and fire extinguishers.  This vehicle allows rapid response through crowds and allows access to locations inaccessible by full-size vehicle.  We can also transport ambulatory patients back to an ambulance if necessary.


Santa Sunday

Every year in December, MCFD puts on an event called "Santa Sunday", in which Santa is escorted around town on a fire truck.  Santa visits every neighborhood in the City to greet children and even passes out a special treat to the kids.  This has been a tradition in Milford since the 1940s and is enjoyed by the community and members of the department.  Usually a notice is put in the community newspaper to let residents know which Sunday Santa will be out and about.


MCFD would like to thank the following groups for their donations to help support Santa Sunday:
- Coop's Front Porch - Evans Funeral Home
- Lykins Companies - Mike Castrucci Chevrolet
- Walmart of Milford - Texas Roadhouse of Milford
- Milford Community Firefighters Club
Several donations from individuals are received every year and we would like to thank those individuals and families who also help support Santa Sunday and the Club.

Bucket/Utility Truck

In 1999 our Chevrolet Bucket Truck was bought by the Firefighters' Club to promote safety, prevention, and education to the community. This units supports the fire department as an air rehab and auxiliary unit for fire scenes. Cost of this truck was $60,000.00 which was raised by the Milford Firefighters' Club.

The Milford Community Firefighters Club also supports many other
programs within our community such as; Child Welfare program that helps
families in the Milford, Miami Township, and Goshen areas. We also sponsor Santa Sunday, where we take Santa through the city on the fire truck delivering Christmas treats to the children.  We sponsor free CPR and First Aid classes to the community.